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Have osteoporosis in your foot? Here are 3 ways physical therapy may help

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Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones in an individual's body become fragile and weak. It occurs when the body doesn't regenerate new bone tissue at the same rate that it disposes of old bone tissue. It's often hard to detect until the first broken bone once the condition has onset. It affects more than 50 million people in the United States and is more prevalent in women than men. If you have osteoporosis and it's affecting the bones in your feet, there are several ways that physical therapy can help you.

3 ways that physical therapy can help osteoporosis in the foot

  • You can reduce the risk of falls ” Physical therapists can work with you to help reduce your risk of falling. During regular physical therapy sessions, you'll work on balance retraining to help stabilize your body and decrease the risk of bone fractures from falls.
  • You'll learn safe exercise methods ” A physical therapist can also teach you how to exercise in ways that are safe for your bones. They can show you how to make slow and deliberate movements to avoid breaking the bones in your foot.
  • You'll learn how to modify your home environment ” Going to physical therapy sessions can help you learn how to modify your home environment for your safety. Your physical therapist is experienced in the kinds of home environments and objects that are more likely to break the bones in your foot and can help you anticipate these.

Alliance PTP is ready to help you find top-notch PT for osteoporosis in your foot

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we're proudly bringing together physical therapy practices across the country to help people get the high-quality PT they need. Want to see a physical therapist in person? We can put you in touch with an Alliance PTP partner that's close to you and that can help you address osteoporosis in your foot.

Not keen on in-person PT sessions or not close to an Alliance PTP partner? No worries. We also offer effective and affordable virtual physical therapy through our Agile Virtual Physical Therapy platform.

Contact our team today so we can help you find the most effective physical therapy services for your injury or condition.

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