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Getting the most from a therapy service provider

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Hospital administration brings a number of unique challenges in the modern health care landscape. New services, changing patient needs and an increasingly complex regulatory environment are just a few examples of the priorities that leaders have to effectively juggle. All of this should ultimately be in the service of delivering exceptional care that gets patients back to health and functioning while minimizing the chances of costly readmission.

Physical, speech and occupational therapy services provided on an inpatient basis can be a critical aspect of ensuring positive patient outcomes. Since therapy services are a highly specialized field, many hospitals partner with a therapy service provider to help develop an effective strategy for clinical and operational efficiency.

How to develop a healthy partnership with your therapy service provider

Every hospital is different, from size and location to patient profile and service offerings, which is why relationships play such a crucial role in the realm of therapy service providers. Here are a few tips to help you select a high-quality organization and develop an effective working relationship when searching for the right partner for your hospital:

  • Communicate clearly and openly about your goals and areas of opportunity for your program.
  • Speak with other service line representatives, such as physicians and nurses, in your hospital about what they are looking for from a therapy services program. Make sure they are involved in the process from the beginning to maximize organizational buy-in.
  • Look for therapy service providers with comprehensive support and solutions, including regulatory expertise, access to recruiting resources and proprietary workflow systems.

Above all, trust your instincts on a personal level. Just like adding someone to your internal team, a therapy service provider should feel like an extension of your facility and take a collaborative approach to helping your program achieve administrative and patient care objectives.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners values our relationships

We're an industry-leading therapy provider that has helped hospitals increase efficiencies, offering service breadth and revenue while reducing the burden that comes with managing staff. Our primary mission is to create a productive partnership that meets your hospital's needs while taking financial and clinical performance to a higher level.

Want to learn more about our decades of experience? Contact us today. We'll be happy to provide a full assessment of your current program to help you determine your needs.

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