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Five ways to maximize your physical therapy resources

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Everyone, from rural to urban, deals with limited resources has to deal with limited resources. If you're a hospital executive with a hand in managing your facility's physical therapy department, it can definitely feel like every penny and minute counts. While this can make it seem easy to discount physical therapy as a nonessential service, managed properly, it can have a profound impact on patient satisfaction and even be a significant positive contributor to your balance sheet.

As an allied health profession, this discipline has a specialized set of best practices, regulations and workflows that must be implemented properly in order to get the most out of your physical therapy resources. For this reason, a large number of hospitals join with an organization that is focused on physical therapy services. This allows for the development of solutions that can scale to any size facility and budget but are backed by the expertise and resources of a large, specialized organization.

Experience and expertise for better resource management

To truly streamline operations and get the most out of the time, personnel and other resources in your physical therapy program, here are some tips:

  1. Hire the right people ” Talented and caring staff with the right work ethic are the backbone of an efficient department.
  2. Emphasize long-term development ” Staff turnover can be one of the biggest drains on your resources.
  3. Implement efficient workflows ” If there are unnecessary steps that don't provide better patient care, they should be identified and phased out.
  4. Minimize billing and documentation errors ” These are often low-hanging fruit but can be a significant drain on revenue or even result in costly fines.
  5. Update your systems ” Outmoded and incompatible systems can result in lost time and even unneeded task duplication.

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we've built long-lasting relationships with hospitals and hospital networks that are built on solid communication, mutual respect and making every effort to fully maximize your physical therapy resources. We've been successfully implementing changes such as the ones above for years.

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