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Find efficiency with a physical therapy contracting company

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Running a physical therapy unit efficiently is a challenge that many hospitals face today. During a hospital stay, patients can require physical therapy and rehabilitation services for a wide range of reasons, from traumatic injury to recovering from a surgery. And receiving this care in a timely manner can have a positive effect on patient outcomes and experience. However, due to the specialized management needs that therapy departments typically have, hospital leaders can feel pressure delivering the right level of care on a cost-effective basis. This is why more and more hospitals are turning to physical therapy contracting companies to achieve efficiency in this important sector. The following information can help you determine if working with a contract provider is the right choice for achieving your operational and patient care goals for your therapy programs.

How contract physical therapy can help achieve efficiency

Here are the services a physical therapy contracting company can offer to help streamline operations for hospitals:

  • Reduced labor costs ” Contract therapy creates opportunity to reduce other administrative positions and improve the productivity of your staff.
  • Performance management ” Physical therapy programs can often benefit from the dedicated expertise of a contract provider who can help implement workflow systems that help therapists deliver efficient care and better focus on patient needs.
  • Compliance and documentation ” Physical therapy contracting companies can help hospitals better document services and stay compliant with regulatory updates.

When seeking a physical therapy contract provider, it's important to find a partner who can offer a collaborative relationship and provide services at the right scale for your facility.

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