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Enhancing patient experience with better in-house physical therapy

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For hospitals, enhancing patient experience should be about more than simply achieving a higher score. Providing a better overall experience for your patients should primarily be about improving outcomes and ensuring that the people under your care are given the best chance of achieving their long-term health goals. By helping the healing process and improving functioning at an early stage in the recovery process, in-house physical therapy plays a crucial role in enhancing patient experience.

To deliver the highest level of physical therapy service for patients who are staying on an inpatient basis, hospital leaders can turn to an experienced and dedicated partner organization. By receiving assistance in administrative best practices and operations for this specialized discipline, your physical therapy department can enhance your patient experience while helping your hospital meet ever-restrictive budgetary needs.

Areas where a physical therapy partner can provide assistance

Here are some of the specific ways that a qualified and experienced physical therapy partner can help your program enhance patient experience:

  • Better compliance support ” You may think of compliance as a set of regulations to follow in order to avoid fines, but the regulations themselves are designed to help patients. By helping you navigate physical therapy-specific regulations, we also help you keep the focus squarely on patient experience.
  • Expanded service offerings and strategic development ” To improve outcomes, your patients need access to the latest evidence-based practices in the industry. Find out which services you should be offering for your patient profile.
  • Enhanced recruiting, hiring and training capabilities ” Delivering exceptional patient care means building a high-performing team. The right partner can give you access to top recruiting networks and best practices for training and staff development.

Enhancing patient experience for in-house physical therapy can be a significant positive contributor to your facility's broader efforts, and the right partner can help you do it on a level that is right-sized for your budgetary needs.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners believes in enhanced patient care

The Alliance team is unswervingly dedicated to exceptional patient care. We'll work with your hospital closely to identify the areas that are the biggest opportunities for your physical therapy program and provide workable solutions for your administration to implement. From software upgrades to more efficient systems of work to attracting top talent, we can help turn your department into a positive contributor to your facility.

To learn more and schedule a comprehensive assessment of your physical therapy program, contact us today.

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