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Custom physical therapy contract services in Indiana

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For many hospitals in Indiana, delivering physical therapy and rehabilitation services that meet the needs of recovering patients while still being operationally efficient can be notoriously difficult. Physical therapy departments require a large administrative investment in the form of finding credentialed and qualified staff, maintaining staffing levels and staying updated on regulatory changes; all while continuously developing and expanding offerings as needed.

A solution that a large number of hospitals turn to is custom physical therapy contract services through a dedicated organization. By outsourcing these critical services, hospitals can leverage the expertise of a company that specializes in providing physical therapy and has a deep understanding of the unique challenges in this discipline. This allows for a high level of care that is custom-tailored to a hospital's operational and budgetary model.

How a custom physical therapy contract service can work for your hospital

Hospitals looking for contract services have been turning to Alliance Physical Therapy Partners for decades for our industry know-how, our tested systems of work and our connections with highly skilled physical therapy talent. Here are just some of the steps we can take to create custom contract service that is right for facilities of any size and in any location, including Indiana:

  • Assess the performance of your current program compared to your operational and patient-care needs.
  • Collaborate to ensure staffing levels are being met
  • Assist with strategic marketing and program development
  • Provide proprietary systems to ensure compliance standards are being met
  • Improve patient experience through implementing the latest advancements in the field

We recognize that each hospital has unique needs for physical therapy and rehabilitation departments. This is why Alliance strives to create truly collaborative partnerships and services designed on a custom basis.

Alliance wants to help Indiana hospitals meet their physical therapy needs

Alliance recognizes the importance of driving top-quality care across all of your service lines. When you turn to us for physical therapy and rehabilitation services, you can trust that we'll come with proven work systems, resources for recruiting the best therapists and proprietary programs that interface with all major electronic medical records systems. Our goal is to ensure the level of care your patients expect while helping you meet your operational and budgetary goals.

Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of working with us.

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