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Could your hospital benefit from contract post-operative rehabilitation?

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When patients come out of surgery, it's important to begin the rehabilitation process as soon as possible. Doing this ensures a better chance of a full and speedy recovery. Providing inpatient post-operative rehabilitation helps get blood circulating and can jumpstart the healing process from a wide range of procedures.  

Many hospitals today are struggling to provide this crucial service due to the unique needs that come with managing a therapy and rehabilitation program. This is why contract post-operative rehabilitation is becoming an increasingly popular solution for hospitals looking to deliver top-tier service to their patients.  

To help decide if contract services could work for your facility, we're providing a guide with some of the common signs to look for.  

Signs that your hospital needs contract rehabilitation services

Hospitals that turn to contract post-operative rehabilitation often face these challenges:

  • Are smaller-sized or remotely located ” Smaller facilities and/or those in rural areas can face limited budgets and smaller talent pools that make it especially difficult to provide high-quality therapy and rehabilitation to patients.  
  • Have compliance opportunities ” Inpatient rehabilitation programs in hospitals have distinct requirements for staying compliant with regulations and best practices. Hospital leadership teams that are more focused on core service lines can struggle to meet these requirements for rehabilitation departments.  
  • Have difficulty recruiting the right talent ” Physical therapists are in more demand than ever before and this can be even more true for qualified post-operative rehabilitation specialists. Finding credentialed and experienced therapists with the right approach to patient care is a hurdle that many hospital recruiters face.  

By partnering with the right contract post-operative rehabilitation services provider, you can receive practical solutions to these problems if any or all of them apply to your hospital.  

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners provides high-quality contract services

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners wants to help you meet your therapy and rehabilitation needs. We believe in fully collaborative relationships with the goal of improving patient satisfaction, clinical performance and financial contribution from your therapy program.  

Alliance can provide recruiting assistance, proven systems of work and proprietary management software that is compatible with all major electronic medical records systems. To learn more about our solutions for contract post-operative rehabilitation, contact us today and ask for an assessment of your current offerings.