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Contract physical therapy ” overview and benefits

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Hospitals that need assistance managing a physical therapy and rehabilitation program can work with a contract physical therapy provider. Patients staying at a hospital have a wide range of rehabilitative needs during the recovery phase. Providing these services on an inpatient basis can help improve patient outcomes while also increasing revenue.  

Managing a physical therapy and rehabilitation unit comes with many operational challenges that are difficult for some hospitals to meet with their internal staff and resources. This includes meeting staffing and equipment needs, staying compliant with industry regulations, performance management, strategic planning and marketing, just to name a few.  

If you're a hospital administrator, leader or executive who is exploring the possibility of working with a contract physical therapy services provider, the following quick guide can help you understand the benefits that one of these partners can offer.    

What are the benefits of contract physical therapy?

By working with a contract physical therapy organization, hospitals can leverage the experience and knowledge base of a provider that is solely dedicated to providing physical therapy. This allows smaller-sized hospitals to have a state-of-the-art physical therapy program on a budget that fits their scale.  

Here are some of the tangible benefits to outsourcing physical therapy on a contract basis:

  • Staffing support ” A contract partner can help you with added resources for recruiting the best talent.
  • Workflow efficiency ” An experienced physical therapy partner should bring functional and tested work systems with them as well as performance management support.  
  • Strategic partnership ” Your partner can also help you identify opportunities to grow your offerings and keep you informed of the latest advances in the field.  

A reputable contract services provider can work with you to create a high-performing physical therapy unit that helps you achieve higher patient satisfaction, decreased costs and increased revenue.  

Contract services with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we bring decades of experience with partners across the United States to the table. No matter what size your facility is, we can help you identify your biggest opportunities and build a program that is custom-designed for your needs.  

Our contract physical therapy solutions include staffing, performance improvement, marketing analysis and program development. We've also developed a custom software solution created by and for clinicians that is designed to integrate with all major electronic medical records systems.  

Contact us for an assessment of your physical therapy program and to learn more about how we can help.