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Connecting with Your Referral Sources

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20 Creative Ways to Connect with a Referral Source  

To be a provider of choice, you must build relationships with your referral sources - existing and potential. You can capitalize on these relationships by focusing on some of the techniques below:

Keep the focus on patients

  • Ask for one patient to show what your clinic can do.
  • Provide a clinic for a certain patient population on-site at the physician's office.  You may be able to see a few patients on-site, and then transfer them to your clinic.

Out of the box ideas

  • Present an ergonomic in-service to a Primary Care office. Teach them proper sitting, typing and lifting techniques.
  • Shadow a physician in their office.
  • With your patient's approval, attend a doctor's appointment with them to discuss their progress. It is a great way to build a relationship with a physician.
  • Develop a precise rehabilitation protocol alongside a physician.
  • View a surgical procedure performed by a referring (or non-referring) physician.  The operating room is the physician's stage. Generally, they enjoy teaching others.
  • Have patients write notes to their doctors thanking them for referring them to your clinic.
  • Choose a physician of the month (nominated by their patients) and deliver a certificate or plaque.

Hosting your referral network sources

  • Invite a physician to your clinic to observe you treat.  This works well with younger specialists who have never attended PT clinical, or with PCPs interested in learning more.
  • Hold an in-service in your clinic and invite a physician to speak to you on a specific topic or have a Journal Club meeting and ask a doctor to attend.
  • Set up an educational in-service for Physician office regarding a new physical therapy technique, a new program you are introducing or a general overview of the local PT market.
  • Sponsor a physician's office staff meeting by supplying a location for the meeting, food, etc.
  • Participate in a Saturday morning injury call with an orthopedist.
  • Speak at residency meetings or in-services.  Residents will someday be MD's and will often end up in your community.
  • Invite residents to shadow you in your clinic.
  • Invite a physician to:
    • Consult with your clinic to develop a new program
    • Social or sporting events that you sponsor, or to a meal outside of the office.
  • Meet a physician outside of their office by participating in activities that he/she participates in or volunteers for.  Examples may be running clubs, biking clubs, or other charitable organizations.

Building personal relationships with referral sources is key, and stepping outside of the box can be the edge you need to better connect with them. Learn about our many services for more ways to make your practice flourish.