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The benefits of work-from-home physical therapy jobs

Work From Home Physical Therapy Jobs
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The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic signaled a new era for physical therapists. Clinics that delivered in-person physical therapy sessions to their patients each day were forced to consider switching to virtual services or risk their business going under. With the switch, many learned that virtual physical therapy services are just as effective as in-person sessions. Physical therapists discovered that there are several benefits of treating patients during a pandemic. But they also learned that it can be advantageous for themselves. Virtual PT is an option in most places now, and some physical therapists may prefer to provide treatment while working virtually for a few different reasons.

What are some of the advantages of working a physical therapy job from home?

  • Flexible schedule — One of the benefits of working a physical therapy job from home is a flexible schedule. Some physical therapists find that working from home affords them more flexibility each workday. They may have time to go pick up their kids from school or prepare a meal in between sessions, which can be immensely helpful for some.
  • No commute — A work-from-home physical therapy career can also eliminate the commute that would traditionally be necessary to get to work. Working virtually can cut down on transportation costs and the time you’d need to factor into each day to get to and from the clinic. 
  • Protected health — Another advantage of a work-from-home physical therapy job is that both your and your patients’ health can be better protected. If you or one of your patients were to come to in-person sessions with a nasty cold or flu, it would likely get passed to the next person. When you’re working your physical therapy appointment from home, not only can you protect your own health from sickness, but you can also keep your patients healthy.

Alliance PTP understands the many benefits of working from home as a physical therapist

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