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Attract Top Talent

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Attracting Top Healthcare Talent

With the increased challenges the healthcare industry has faced in recent years, staff acquisition and retention are more important than ever. The unemployment rate is at a 17-year low, which equates to a more competitive job market. Businesses are struggling to attract and connect with younger generations. Most  healthcare facilities don't have the resources or personnel to efficiently staff their departments. With other pressing demands within your organization, recruiting professionals is just not on the radar. So how do we solve this problem?

Social Media Pages

With social media constantly evolving and the usage increasing, many social media platforms are utilized, including accounts with Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Dedicated Recruiter

As a partner, you will receive a dedicated recruiter for building rapport and streamlining the hiring process.

Student Affiliation Program

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners offers a student affiliation program to connect with top graduating students nationwide.


Nationwide networking events through trade shows, job fairs and conferences are key for not only brand awareness and professional development, but also for recruiting professionals in the field.


Partnering with Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, gives you immediate access to a wide variety of resources and a proven system of effectively recruiting professionals and top-level talent. The money invested into recruiting quality, long-term hires can help offset those costs and give you the ability to grow and develop new services for your patients.

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