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Advantages of using physical rehabilitation outsourcing

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It seems like each year hospitals have to walk an ever-narrowing line between delivering the level of care that patients deserve and meeting operational and budgetary requirements. Physical therapy and rehabilitation are just one example of an important service line that many hospitals struggle to provide with the proper resources and staffing levels.

However, as a core part of the recovery process, hospitals can benefit from offering these rehabilitative services to patients who are still under their care. From both a patient-satisfaction and revenue standpoint, a well-run physical therapy and rehabilitation department can be a positive contributor to your facility. To achieve this goal, a solution that many hospitals turn to is leveraging the expertise and resources of a physical rehabilitation outsourcing solution.

How can a physical rehabilitation partner help you?

Physical rehabilitation outsourcing generally takes the form of a dedicated therapy services group that works with a facility to meet patient care needs. If you're a hospital leader looking for a cost-effective solution for your physical therapy and rehabilitation unit, here's how working with an outsourcing solution can help:

  • Strategic expertise ” From identifying new service areas to performance management, a dedicated physical rehabilitation partner can provide specialized expertise.
  • Compliance support ” Physical therapy and rehabilitation has unique compliance and billing requirements. By working with a partner, you can improve efficiency in this area.
  • Proven work systems ” Years of experience and refinement allows rehabilitation outsourcing to deliver turnkey solutions to their hospital partners.
  • Marketing assistance ” Patients and even your own staff need to be aware of service offerings and messaging around therapy and rehabilitation.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can be the rehabilitation solution you need

No matter what your specific needs are, Alliance Physical Therapy Partners can assist you with building a highly effective therapy and rehabilitation program. We've been working with satisfied hospital leaders for decades and have a vast network of resources that we can put to work for you ” from recruiting solutions to proprietary electronic medical records software.

From small hospitals to large, and rural to urban, we're passionate about building relationships that meet the unique needs of our partners. To learn more, contact us today. We can provide an assessment of your current needs to better determine how we can help.