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7 skills you'll need to land the physical therapist jobs out there

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The world of health care is growing and changing at a rapid pace. Advances in technology as well as the COVID-19 pandemic have permanently altered the landscape of the industry. Physical therapy is no exception. Growth in the physical therapy field has been steady for the past 10 years and is expected to grow at a rate of over 6% a year for the foreseeable future.

Physical therapy clinics are going to need more and more trained personnel to keep up with demand. Physical therapy patients deserve individualized, attentive care. This is only possible if there are plenty of experienced professionals available to help them.

You may be looking to enter the field of physical therapy for the first time. You may also be an experienced professional thinking about finding new opportunities. Regardless of your experience, now is a better time than ever to work in physical therapy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects there to be over 15,000 new job openings for physical therapists available each year. If you want to land one of them, there are several skills you are going to need to stand out.

What skills will help me land a job as a physical therapist?

  1. Encouraging patient engagement ” Patient engagement is crucial to producing the best possible outcomes for patients. Patients who feel engaged and involved in their care are more likely to follow your instructions. They will also provide better feedback for your clinic.

Physical therapists need to be able to know how much information a patient needs to feel involved. Your patients will have many questions, and it's important to answer them honestly. It is also important not to overload them with technical knowledge that they aren't prepared to process.

  1. Utilizing new technology ” Technology has made physical therapy more accessible than ever to patients. Virtual care and telehealth are some of the fastest-growing fields within physical therapy. Therapists need to be comfortable and enthusiastic about embracing these changes.

Remote monitoring devices, virtual therapy sessions and the use of digital device applications are all a part of virtual care. Patients may also need your help in navigating the landscape of telehealth.

  1. Knowledge of techniques ” Experience using a wide variety of physical therapy techniques will help expand your options when looking for a new physical therapy job.
  1. Knowledge of procedures ” Not only will you need to be educated on physical therapy techniques, but you will also need an in-depth knowledge of your clinic's policies and procedures.

Different states have different laws surrounding physical therapy, and insurance providers often have very specific procedures that need to be followed to ensure that a patient is covered. All these things need to be taken into account when practicing at a new clinic.

  1. Ability to educate ” The ability to clearly and concisely explain an idea to another person is an underrated skill. Your patients may have many questions about their condition or their care. They may also require help in learning how to use an assistive or remote monitoring device. You also may find yourself in a position where you have to teach an assistant how to perform a task.

Being able to effectively communicate these things will go a long way toward making yourself a valuable candidate for a physical therapy job.

  1. Specialized certifications ” One way to stand out from the crowd is to undergo more specialized training. Pediatric certified specialist, neurologic certified specialist and women's health certified specialist are just a few of the many specialized certifications that a physical therapist can earn. This will help make you a more valuable candidate as well as attract more patients to your clinic.
  1. Leadership ” The ability to step up and enter a leadership position when needed is an invaluable skill. This remains true even if this is your first physical therapy job. Experience as a team leader in other industries can help you prepare for a leadership job in a physical therapy clinic. Organization and communication abilities are a must for anyone applying for a role as a clinic director or other leadership position.

Where is the best place to look for physical therapist jobs?

If you are a recently graduated physical therapy specialist or you have been practicing for years and are ready for a change, consider Alliance Physical Therapy Partners. We offer jobs in physical therapy across the country for both new and experienced physical therapy employees.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners is a growing network of exceptional physical therapy providers across the United States. Our partners provide the highest standards of care in the industry. Our goal in partnering with practice owners across the nation is to connect a network of practices that uplift and focus on the patient. All the practices in the Alliance network maintain their own branding and autonomy, while also leaning on one another for the greatest access to resources and best practices to help the patient.

Alliance also offers educational programs designed to help employees develop leadership skills and learn best practices for moving into leadership jobs in the physical therapy industry. With a focus on personal and professional growth, Alliance is seeking employees who have a vision for success.

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help your practice or to find out how you can join our partnership in care.

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