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4 ways to improve employee engagement and retention in your PT clinic

4 ways to improve employee engagement and retention in your PT clinic
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For physical therapy owners, just as it is for any business owner, improving employee engagement and retention rates is vital. It helps ensure that your practice isn’t losing money and efficiency on hiring and training new employees, only to have them decide to move on. Happy employees can make for a thriving business. Here are a few ways to improve your employee engagement and retention rates in your physical therapy clinic.

4 ways to improve employee engagement and retention

  • Competitive salaries — One of the best ways to ensure that your employees are motivated to stay on with your physical therapy practice is to provide them with competitive salaries. Higher wages often offer more incentive for your employees to stay.
  • Good benefits packages — Another critical driver for employee retention is providing your workers with an all-encompassing benefits program. Offering a competitive salary alone isn’t enough to keep your employees satisfied while working at your practice. You should try to offer a thorough benefits package in addition to a competitive salary. Good benefits packages usually include health, dental, vision, a 401(k) plan and other additional benefits.
  • Opportunities for growth within the practice — On top of competitive salaries and a good benefits package, most employees want there to be opportunities for career growth. Many physical therapists looking for jobs want clinics that can potentially provide them with opportunities to improve their skill sets and grow their professional expertise.
  • Underscoring the purpose of your work — Many employees look for meaning within their work. So, it can be especially advantageous for you to underscore to your team of employees why you all do what you do. Your employee engagement and retention rates are more likely to benefit from employees who are invested in what they do for your clinic.

Alliance PTP can help your practice manage your employee engagement and retention

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