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4 reasons you should add an annual physical therapy exam to your list of New Year's resolutions

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The new year is quickly approaching, making it the perfect time to set new health goals. Millions of people set New Year’s resolutions each year; about 50% of surveyed people said that their New Year’s resolution is to exercise more. 

Scheduling a physical therapy exam can help make this resolution a reality. In an annual exam, physical therapists can help optimize your exercise routine so that you can strengthen your joints and muscles throughout the year.

Why an annual physical therapy exam should be on your list of New Year’s resolutions 

Many people think that physical therapy is reserved for those with injuries. However, physical therapy can be an important preventive step against common pre-injury symptoms like fatigue, poor balance and inflammation. Routine physical therapy exams can also help strengthen the body and prevent injuries in the first place, both of which help improve your ability to exercise.  

Physical therapy is also a great way to check on any chronic condition that you may be suffering from. A few of the chronic conditions your physical therapist can check on during an annual exam include arthritis and fibromyalgia. They can also provide you with treatment that can ease your symptoms and make it easier to exercise. 

During a physical therapy exam, patients can share their concerns with a specialist. They may have noticed changes in their daily routine, like a pattern of neck pain while working at their desk or foot pain while walking. Whatever the patient’s concern, PT specialists can examine the area and recommend treatment plans specific to that patient. 

4 benefits an annual PT exam can offer you

There are many benefits to starting off your year with a physical therapy exam. The benefits of such exams can be especially telling for anyone looking to increase their fitness level. Those benefits can include: 

  1. Reducing inflammation and tension — It’s common for our muscles to tighten throughout the day due to overuse or dehydration. This tension can become painful when performing daily tasks. Physical therapy techniques can help increase blood flow to inflamed areas and release tight muscles. Soft tissue mobilization is a technique that targets tight muscles and the surrounding tissue. Releasing muscular tension can help ease pain and make movement easier and smoother. 
  2. Improving mobility and strength — When sitting for long periods of time or working long hours, joints can become stiff, making movement difficult and painful. However, a lack of mobility can increase joint pain and tightness over time. Physical therapists can recommend exercises that strengthen joints and encourage them into proper alignment. They can also manually and slowly move a joint through a technique called joint mobilization. Through joint mobilization, physical therapists can gently guide the joint from its stiff position. They can also help loosen restricted joints and prevent further damage and injury.
  3. Improving balance — Poor balance can occur for many reasons, ranging from weak muscles and joints to poor spine alignment. During a physical therapy exam, a physical therapist can perform a balance evaluation to determine the source of your balance issue. They can recommend hip- and leg-strengthening exercises to improve balance and reduce the chance for injury.
  4. Improving quality of life — One of a physical therapist’s vital jobs is to educate their patients on postures and movements that can protect their body. An annual physical therapy exam can remind you of at-home practices that help energize you and prevent pain in daily life. You can therefore learn about your body and the methods of taking care of it outside of the clinic.  

Alliance PTP is ready to help you find a PT provider for your annual PT exam

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