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4 nonclinical physical therapy jobs you might enjoy

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So, you know you like physical therapy but you're not so in love with the idea of treating patients? No worries. There are a variety of physical therapy jobs that don't involve the clinical aspects you might prefer to avoid.

Clinical PT isn't your only option. If you've got an educational background and experience in the industry, you could take your pick from a bunch of related careers. Check out this list of nonclinical physical therapy jobs, and explore some possibilities!

4 nonclinical physical therapy jobs

  • Physical therapy education ” This field is one that PTs turn to the most when they're looking for a career change. As an educator, you could influence generations of health care workers for years to come. You can choose to teach at the graduate and undergraduate levels at a variety of kinds of educational institutions across the world.
  • Technological advancement ” The physical therapy industry is one that is constantly facing technological upgrades. Instruments and tools are more frequently being used in PT clinics, and new technologies are being developed every day. You could take part in an industrious and enterprising field, with the potential to create new and unique products that could change the face of the PT industry as we know it.
  • Recruitment ” As a recruiter, you would swap working with patients for working with employees and PT professionals. Your job would be to help physical therapy practices obtain clinicians who meet their specific criteria. If you're sociable and consider yourself a people person, this nonclinical physical therapy job could be the right change for you.
  • Sales ”- This PT job is one that is easiest to start, without taking a while to transition into like some others. As a salesperson, your responsibilities would include being the face of a product and marketing the products to clinics. This could allow you to make some really great connections with a wide range of PT clinics and businesses.

Alliance PTP can help you find the right nonclinical physical therapy job for you

At Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we know that partnership means creating something that is larger than the sum of its parts. We're proud to say that we're bringing together physical therapy practices across the country to help people obtain the high-quality treatment they're seeking. If you're looking for a nonclinical position in the physical therapy industry, consider becoming part of Alliance's PTP team. You can read about our current career opportunities here.

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