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4 alternative careers for physical therapists

Alternative Careers for Physical Therapists
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So, you’ve been a physical therapist for some time now, but you’re thinking about a career change. You needn’t worry too much about going back to school for a new career. Fortunately, there are several physical therapy-related fields that your education would qualify you for. 

Are you feeling burned out from your work in the clinic as a physical therapist handling multiple patients each day? Maybe just ready for a new challenge? There are plenty of options for you. Take a look at some of these alternative careers for licensed physical therapists listed below.

What are some alternative careers for licensed physical therapists?

  1. Personal trainer — Physical therapists can easily make the transition into personal training. They’ve got the clinical experience that would likely enhance the quality and knowledge of a personal trainer. 
  2. Salesperson — Another avenue is the sales route. Former physical therapists know the kinds of technology that current physical therapists use and are looking for, so who better to market products to them?
  3. Product developer — If you’ve worked as a physical therapist, you’ve got industry knowledge of what technologies work and which ones need to be further developed. This alternative career path would benefit licensed physical therapists who have an interest in making creative and innovative products for those in the PT industry.
  4. Business owner — Physical therapists who are looking for alternative careers may find that they enjoy the business side of the clinic more than the customer-facing side. With clinical experience, PTs are likely well equipped to become business owners who know the ins and outs of this growing industry.

Alliance PTP wants to help licensed physical therapists become PT business owners

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