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3 ways to increase patient compliance in your physical therapy business

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Every physical therapy clinic has its share of patients who, no matter what you try, always seem to be slacking on their part of the treatment process. This part of being a health care provider is inevitable. Fortunately, barriers of this nature can be remedied by taking a few extra steps to improve patient compliance.

How can physical therapists ensure that their patients follow instructions and take part in their treatment?

  • Ensure that your goals align ” Improved patient compliance can be achieved by a shared goal. If you suspect your patient isn't actively participating in their treatment, you may both benefit from a heart-to-heart so all parties can reinstate their long-term therapy goals.
  • Provide written or visual instruction to supplement verbal instruction ” It could be that your patients need some sort of written or visual supplementation to follow instructions correctly. We've all been in a situation where we engage in a conversation with someone and then forget what they said later on. If your patient is doing PT exercises from home, provide them with readable or watchable instructions for guidance.
  • Communicate how your treatment plan will specifically benefit your patient ” Physical therapy providers should always communicate to their patients what treatment plans entail. Still, sometimes a little extra explaining can make all the difference when it comes to improving patient compliance. Explaining in detail how the exercises your patient is doing during PT can specifically improve their condition can give them a clearer vision of recovery.

Alliance PTP wants to help physical therapists improve patient compliance

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