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3 simple but effective TMJ syndrome self-care tips

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Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, also known as TMJ syndrome, occurs when the joints in the jaw and the muscles surrounding those joints become inflamed. It can cause serious pain and can impair one's ability to properly move the jaw. The joints in your jaw that can become inflamed are called the temporomandibular joints, and they connect your jaw to your skill. This condition affects roughly 3 million people in the U.S. a year, making it a fairly common ailment. Common treatment methods include anti-inflammatory medication, mouthguards and physical therapy.

3 easy TMJ pain self-care tips

  • Eat soft foods ” One easy way to help your pain when you're suffering from TMJ dysfunction is to consume soft foods whenever possible, as an alternative to hard or chewy foods. Eating hard or chewy foods can exacerbate pain from TMJ syndrome.
  • Use a hot or cold compress ” Hot or cold compresses are an effective way to alleviate pain for people dealing with this jaw syndrome. Hot compresses are better for aching pains, and cold compresses are more for sharp, stabbing pain in the jaw.
  • Seek physical therapy ” Seeking care from a physical therapist is one way to help yourself if you have TMJ pain. Many people with this condition go to physical therapy. It's particularly helpful for improving the range of motion in the jaw and easing tension in the surrounding tissue, making it an effective form of self-care.

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