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3 recent innovations in physical therapy that are revolutionizing our industry

Physical Therapy Innovations
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Physical therapy is part of an industry that will continue to undergo changes throughout the years. Advances in physical therapy help give patients the quality of care they need and fuel the future of PT

Part of any successful physical therapy business is keeping up with advances in medical and exercise technology. This means a PT business should consider regularly incorporating new, innovative devices and products into its practice. Take a look at some of the most recent innovations in the industry listed below.

What are some recent innovations in physical therapy that clinic owners should consider using in their own practice?

  • Physical therapy app — Some physical therapy practices have developed their own apps for their patients to download on their phones. These apps allow for patients to access their own data and message their physical therapy providers. Some even allow patients to perform guided exercises with instructions through the app.
  • Myofascial release — Myofascial release has been around for a few decades. But the devices that can be used to perform this type of therapy are ever evolving. You should consider using some of the latest myofascial release devices in your own practice, as a simple way to keep up with technology.
  • Virtual physical therapy services — With the COVID-19 pandemic came a new technological innovation in the PT world. Patients couldn’t visit their therapists in person, so they moved to virtual services instead. Virtual physical therapy services have proven to be just as effective at treating a patient as in-person sessions.

Alliance PTP wants to help you keep your PT clinic up to date with the latest industry innovations

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