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3 PT exercises you can use if your hand hurts after drawing

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If you're an artist or simply like to draw, your hands are your tools. When they hurt, your creative process can be compromised. Physical therapy can help hands that hurt after drawing.

According to a study, patients who engaged in at-home hand exercises experienced a 25% increase in grip strength and comfort. In a different study, patients with arthritis in their hands experienced significant pain relief after physical therapy exercises. Overall, there is strong evidence that PT exercises can limit your hurting hands and help you get back to drawing ASAP.

3 PT exercises you can do if your hand hurts after drawing

Calluses, cramping and carpal tunnel syndrome are just some of the conditions that can cause hand pain after drawing. According to the National Health Service, there are several hand exercises that can relieve your symptoms if your hand hurts after drawing.

While performing exercises, it's important to adopt a safe practice that doesn't cause pain. You can gradually increase repetitions over time. Here are a few simple exercises that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine:

  1. The finger and thumb touch ” This exercise involves touching your thumb to each finger on your hand. It's an especially helpful exercise if you suffer from thumb pain after drawing. To do it, hold your wrist straight in front of you. Then, slowly and gently touch each of your fingers to your thumb. You can hold each of these stretches for 10 to 30 seconds.
  2. The stress ball ” Incorporating a stress ball into your hand exercises can help you maintain a less monotonous exercise routine. You can try squeezing a stress ball for a few seconds, then releasing slowly. The stress ball can offer resistance that helps strengthen the hand muscles and joints. It can also encourage blood flow to the muscles throughout your entire hand. You can repeat this motion a few times, but it's important to monitor your pain levels throughout your practice.
  3. The finger lift ” This exercise can engage and strengthen the individual muscles in each finger. It can be especially helpful for artists whose fingers might cramp after drawing. To do it, lay your hand, palm down, flat on the table. One by one, lift each finger upward and hold it for a few seconds. You can repeat this exercise several times.

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