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3 potential treatments for radial wrist pain

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Radial wrist pain can be caused by a couple of conditions; it could be the result of radial tunnel syndrome, a bone fracture, sprains, strains and overuse. The radius is a bone that connects hand bones to the elbow and is one of two bones in the forearm. This bone is on the same side of your arm as your thumb. There are a variety of treatments for radial wrist pain, which you can read about below. These are not the only treatment options for radial wrist pain but are simply just a few of the options that can be made available to you.

What are some potential treatment methods for radial wrist pain?

  • Go to physical therapy ” Physical therapy is a great treatment method for those with wrist pain in their radius. The exercises that a physical therapist can help guide you through are meant to strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons surrounding your radius. These exercises can reduce pain over time with regular sessions, which is why it's important to seek out a physical therapist in your area.
  • Wear a wrist splint or brace ” If you choose to wear a wrist splint or brace, your wrist will help reduce movements that may contribute to inflammation, therefore allowing for the injury to properly heal.
  • Take steroid injections ” Steroid injections are often used for people who have radial tunnel syndrome. Radial tunnel syndrome can cause pain because of pressure placed on the radial nerve. Steroid injections can help reduce inflammation at the source of the nerve.

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