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3 physical therapy services patients will expect you to offer going forward

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The field of physical therapy is one of the fastest-growing sectors in health care. Experts suggest that this boom in physical therapy is due to more patients seeking out nonsurgical options for their care, as well as an increase in the average age of patients. There are now an estimated 38,800 physical therapy clinics in the continental United States. However, with increased growth comes increased competition for patients, and many clinics may have a hard time bringing new patients in. To help combat the ever-increasing competition in the field, experts suggest that practices may not be able to rely on old methods of patient retention. With new techniques and new technology being introduced every year, practices may have to offer more services than ever in order to bring new patients through the door.

What will new patients expect your practice to offer going forward?

If you want more satisfied, loyal patients and increased revenue for your practice, then you need to focus on increasing patient retention. While patients expect good results from their care, they have also begun to expect convenient services. According to experts, these are the three physical therapy services that patients will expect all practices to offer in the years to come:

  1. Automated technology ” We have more technology than ever at our fingertips to help us provide better patient care. Digital records systems can help reduce the time spent looking through paperwork or waiting for patient records from other practices. This helps increase the time that providers spend face-to-face with their patients, as well as helping patients easily access their own records from the comfort of their home.
  1. Patient education Patients who feel involved and engaged in their care tend to have better outcomes in the long run. Educating your patients on their conditions, as well as in physical therapy techniques and language, go a long way toward making your patients feel like their well-being is in their own hands. This can be done through providing them access to both education materials and their own records.
  1. Virtual care ” The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of the health care industry, and physical therapy is no exception. Virtual physical therapy is now widely accepted as an effective way to overcome the barriers that may prevent some patients from accessing care. Scheduled virtual sessions, as well as the use of remote monitoring equipment, can help patients access the care they need in a way that is both affordable and convenient.


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