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3 goals physical therapists have when they add electrical stimulation to your treatment plan

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Electrical stimulation (ES), when used in physical therapy, is a treatment method that applies electrical currents to the muscles of a patient. It's effective for promoting circulation, stimulating muscles and blocking pain signals. It's used to treat conditions including muscle spasms, atrophy, arthritis, sprains and sciatica, to name a few. There are also several different types of electrical stimulation that can be used during physical therapy.

3 goals physical therapists are aiming for when adding ES to someone's treatment plan

  • Reduce chronic pain ” Using ES therapy can help reduce chronic pain by blocking signals sent to your brain that create painful sensations.
  • Increase mobility ” One of the goals of electrical stimulation during physical therapy is to help you get back into movement after an injury or illness. This type of therapy stimulates muscles so that they do not become stagnant or atrophy. It helps work your muscles so that you can become more mobile.
  • Reduce inflammation ” Electrical stimulation during physical therapy is also used to reduce inflammation in certain areas of the body by promoting circulation of the blood.

Adding electrical stimulation therapy to a patient's physical therapy treatment program can be effective for a number of conditions. If your PT provider decides to incorporate ES into your treatment, know that it is targeted to improve your physical health and quality of life. If your physical therapist recommends electrical stimulation, the benefits listed above are likely some of the goals they have in mind for you.

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