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3 effective tips to help golfers avoid shoulder pain

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Shoulder injuries are common in golfers. While not many golfers make it on to become seasoned professionals, many do come out with shoulder pain. One research review found that anywhere from 8% to 18% of golfers with injuries have shoulder-related injuries. Stress and strain from swinging motions are most often to blame for the pain. It can be treated with rest, icing, medication and physical therapy.

What are 3 tips that golfers can use to avoid feeling pain in their shoulders?

  • Maintain good form ” If you're a golfer, one of the most important things you can do to avoid shoulder pain is to ensure that you use proper form and technique. Using incorrect form or technique can lead to new or worsened shoulder injuries.
  • Try not to overuse your shoulder ” Injury or added strain from overuse can certainly make shoulder pain worse. Try to rest your shoulder in between rounds as much as possible, and even during rounds, do not use your shoulder more than is necessary.
  • Try physical therapy for better rotational ability ” Going to a physical therapist's practice near you can help with the pelvic rotational ability, shoulder rotational ability, and muscle strengthening for ligament, joint, and tendon support. All these things are interconnected; improving upon even just one can decrease your chance of feeling pain in your shoulders.

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