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3 challenges you may face when building a physical therapy franchise on your own

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If you're looking to build a physical therapy franchise on your own, this decision can be very beneficial for your practice. Many people decide to build a franchise for many reasons, including brand freedom and more focus on caring for patients.

3 challenges of building a PT franchise with no support

  • Financial capital ” Without a partner, it can be a struggle to obtain the funding you need to keep your clinic operating at full capacity.
  • Royalty payments ” It can also be difficult to manage the added royalty payments with everything else you have to deal with.
  • Loss of control over your clinic ” For many people, physical therapy franchises are associated with a loss of control over their own clinics, which could very well be the case without the right partners.

Building a physical therapy franchise can be especially difficult without any support. It's important to research how franchises can benefit you with the help of the right partners. With the help of partners with PT franchise experience, you won't have to deal with the same kinds of obstacles you might face all on your own.

Alliance PTP wants you to become a partner in the APTP network

At Alliance PTP, we have a qualified group of professional innovators and industry authorities. Our goals are to make it easier for health care providers to provide their patients with quality care and to create sustainable partnerships with other like-minded individuals. Look at some of our helpful resources on our site, such as our informative podcast episodes like "Owning Your Own PT Practice: Keys to Success and our practice owners' resource page.

If there are any lingering questions you would like to discuss with a knowledgeable Alliance PTP representative, please reach out to us as soon as possible! We'd love to answer any concerns or to provide further help with any of your physical therapy practice needs. If you're interested, we'd also love to discuss possibilities for partnerships. We have several existing partnerships with a variety of small PT clinics and would be thrilled to expand upon these partnerships.

Contact our team today for more information about how we can help your practice or to find out how you can join our partnership in care.

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