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Physical Therapy Marketing

Physical Therapy Marketing–Key to Attracting New Referrals

You need a physical therapy marketing plan that supports your overall business goals, and by joining the network of Alliance Physical Therapy Partners, we can help you to develop one.  Relying on the expertise of our professional team as well as leveraging the strategies of successful practices across our network, you will be positioned to effectively market your practice and grow your business.  Working together, we will help you develop a plan that communicates your message and strengthens your brand to give you more control over the stability, profitability, and expansion of your practice.

Marketing for Physical Therapy: Targeted Strategies & Solutions

As a physical therapist, your expertise is working with patients to help them manage their condition so they can achieve long-term health benefits. At Alliance our expertise is creating physical therapy marketing strategies that are designed to give you the success you need to keep helping your patients.  Our support includes developing direct marketing materials that speak to your target audience and help you to effectively compete within your market. We help you to showcase the different kinds of services you offer and to most importantly increase referrals from a variety of sources.

Working with a network of successful practice owners has given Alliance a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  Along with providing marketing and planning strategies as well as financial support, you will have access to assistance with billing, compliance, professional development, human resource solutions and more. All of our services have one goal in mind – to reduce your administrative tasks and give you the freedom to lead your practice.  Joining our network is the first step toward reaping the rewards of economies of scale, the opportunity for regional expansion, and the ability to share knowledge of successful best practices across the network.

Alliance Physical Therapy Partners was built on the idea that when practices have the capital, support and talent they need to grow – the sky is the limit for success. By offering unlimited tools and resources,it lets you to focus on patient care while we provide marketing strategies along with financial support and assistance with administrative tasks, compliance, human resource solutions and more. Contact us to start building an Alliance and provide your practice with the benefit of experienced physical therapy marketing.  

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