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Alliance Physical Therapy Partners understands the challenges that physical therapy practice owners face with declining insurance reimbursement, competitive markets and increasing demand to expand with limited capital resources. We were built on the idea that practice owners who band together are stronger than going it alone.

We can support your expansion dreams and can help you benefit a large number of patients in your area while becoming more successful.

Alliance provides an immediate financial benefit to the practitioner in return for ownership of the company assets. The practice benefits from additional capital and resources available to expand and increase its influence in their community. From compliance and human resources support to direct marketing and acquisition strategy, our practices get the assistance they need to grow and improve their business.

Practitioners focus on what they enjoy the most – providing excellent care to return patients to their active lives.

The practices in our alliance have worked hard to develop their own brand and identity, we want to maintain this identity and presence in the community. Employee retention and development is highly valued at Alliance. We want you to provide the same excellent standard of care that patients have grown accustomed to.

At Alliance, we share the growth. Not only does each practice owner benefit from their individual performance but from the growth of the entire Alliance. As we grow and add new practices, each individual member of the group benefits.

By uniting best practices in marketing and operations, the Alliance group can realize a more profitable business versus going at it alone.

Employee retention and development is highly valued at Alliance. Focus your efforts on brand identity, presence in the community and employee retention.

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